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How To Install ‘Call Of Duty: Mobile’ On Android Devices:

How To Install ‘Call Of Duty: Mobile’ On Any Android Devices for Free.

In this post you gonna get the ‘Call Of Duty: Mobile’ with out registering it. You have follow the steps given below to get the access to Call Of Duty. CALL OF DUTY was previously able only for Computer or it was only for Desktop users.

CALL OF DUTY officially launches its mobile version on the Play store you can get it by registering on Play store but you have wait for long time till it gives you an permission to play or download it.If you want to get the game for free without wasting time then this is for you download the apk from given link below or see the steps to download it.

Battle Royal games have been all the rage in the last year or so, a trend made popular by PUBG , later followed by Fortnite and Apex Legends. Legacy R P G title ‘Call of Duty’ also announced intentions of getting in this race, with a similar game engine with Call of Duty: Mobile.

The game finally started rolling out to users who had pre-registered for it on the Google Play store, but many people missed this opportunity.Here’s how you can get ‘Call Of Duty: Mobile’ on your Android device.


How To Install ‘Call Of Duty: Mobile’ On Android

The installation is a little more complex than just installing an APK. So, we’d recommend that you follow these instructions very carefully or you will have to repeat the process again. Mind you, this is not the official way to get the game and can cause issues.

Step 1Download the ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ APK and the OBB file. You will have to do this from a third-party website, so ensure you use a trusted source.

Step 2: Using your File Manager app, head to Internal storage/ Android/ OBB. OBBs are additional app resources that are not included with the APK or setup.

Step 3: In the OBB folder, create a new folder with the name ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter’. We recommend you copy-paste the folder name to avoid any issues.

Step 4: Locate the ‘Call of Duty’ OBB file in the Downloads folder, and move it to this newly created folder. The file should be called ‘199.com.activision.callofduty.shooter.obb’ and will be about 1.4GB in size.

Step 5: Once the OBB file is in place, go ahead and install the APK. Some users may get an error saying “Can’t open file” when installing from Downloads. A simple workaround is to once again go to the File Manager, locate the Downloads folder and then install the ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter.199.apk’ file.

Step 6: The game installation should commence now. Grant all the necessary permissions and you should be taken to the Sign-Up screen. This can take a few tries because of the almost-beta nature of the game. Keep signing up till you are taken to the main game, after which you can play ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’!

Note: For users trying to install the game from countries other than India, you will have to use a VPN and route the server through India as that’s where the game is supported for now.